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Quality Exhaust Products

Belconnen Exhaust & Automotive can supply and install most brands of quality exhaust products and are able to perform all types of exhaust repairs. We are preferred suppliers for X-Force exhausts and Gennie performance headers.

We Offer:

  • Exhaust fitting while you wait (by appointment only)
  • Extensive range of mufflers, pipes, headers (extractors), catalytic converters and much more in stock
  • Standard and performance parts
  • Custom systems
  • Four-wheel drive performance systems
  • Diesel performance power chips

Exhaust Noise

If you hear an exhaust noise at the motor that gets quieter after the engine has been running a while you may have a cracked pipe or exhaust manifold. This should be checked immediately as apart from using more fuel, damage could also be done to the motor.

Exhaust 101

Varex Smart Box

Experts in Exhaust Maintenance, Repair, and Modification

We are exhaust specialists and will ensure your exhaust is perfect for your vehicle and the way you drive it. We are a Member of Automotive Undercar Professional Association (formally known as the Exhaust Systems Professional Association) and have been a member for over 30 years.

We’ll Help You Look After Your Exhaust

A damaged exhaust can affect a car's performance and fuel economy, as the exhaust gases may not be removed as efficiently as they should. Take notice of any change in the sound of your exhaust and get it checked as soon as possible. Check out some of our tips below as they could save you money in the long run.

Rattling or Vibrating Exhausts

Rattling and vibrating noises under the car could be caused by a misaligned or broken exhaust system touching the under body of the car. This should be attended to immediately, as this may cause your exhaust system to prematurely fail.

Losing Power

If your car seems sluggish, has lost power or is using more fuel, it may have a blocked Catalytic Convertor. This should be checked immediately as other problems may occur.

Preferred Suppliers

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